Blues build a platform

17 Nov 2021 10:27
Published by: Scott Callan

CAREFUL management during the Covid-19 pandemic has not only helped Macclesfield RUFC survive it has built a "sturdy platform" for the future.

That was the strong message from the club's financial director Philip Ainsworth, delivering its figures for the year ending June 30, 2021, to members.

The club had to close its doors for four months of the financial year, on the back of previous lockdowns, which saw income down.

With no rugby played from early March 2020, this all "impacted heavily" on gate receipts, matchday income and sponsorship.

Philip Ainsworth said: "The lack of rugby has meant that our playing expenses were reduced but as in any organisation there are still the day to day running costs that have to be accounted for.

"We have looked to keep a cap on these with all the essential expenses to keep the club running falling in line with our cash flow expectations."

The result was an operating profit of just over £48,500 compared with just under £30,000 last year - but that would not have bene possible without grants from the government and Cheshire East Council.

Mr Ainsworth said: "We would also like to thank a number of club members and sponsors who when needed, put money into the club and also didn't ask for refunds to events/sponsorship that had been paid for. They have truly been part of keeping this club going."

Highlights included the work put in to improve and add new facilities at Priory Park, which have "started paying dividends".

The club has also invested in its Astro-pitch floodlights, which will give more growth in rental income. And it is continuing to explore funding routes to refurbish the facility.

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