Mystery of Tatton’s unknown painting solved

17 Feb 2021 11:44
Published by: Scott Callan


A mysterious portrait spotted in Tatton Park’s collection has been investigated by Britain’s Lost Masterpieces team.

The painting of a physician is painted in oils and was originally thought to be by an Italian artist from the mid-16th century.

Bendor seeks to uncover the original artist, learn more about who the sitter was and his significance and maybe even reveal hidden layers of the painting through restoration.

A remark from restorer Simon Gillespie prompts Bendor to take a trip to Rome and Florence where he finally confirms an attribution for the painting, and ultimately reveals the identity of the mystery sitter.

The first Earl of Tatton Park, Wilbraham, is also explored as the original proprietor of the painting and how his social climb to an aristocratic life led to him turning the mansion at Tatton into a marvel of wealth and luxury.

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