Cheadle teen appointed to maths tutoring role at Kingsway

26 Nov 2020 10:58
Published by: Scott Callan

Alex Vellins, 18, from Cheadle, has joined The Kingsway School in Stockport, putting off his further education plans for a year to tutor others, working with 13 classes from years 7-11.

"I was planning to go to Uni to study maths and philosophy but heard about the opportunity to work at a local school as part of a gap year," says Alex. "I signed up with tutoring organisation Yipiyap, which led to my position supporting the maths department here at Kingsway. I thought it would help me develop my interpersonal skills and be good on my CV.

"It was daunting at first, being so close in age, but I've already settled into the new role and it is giving me more confidence. I love it so much it - has shown me that I definitely want to be a maths teacher."

Yipiyap provides peer tutors to schools all over the UK. Founded in 2012 by former maths teacher Anne Morris, the organisation harnesses the talent of high-achieving sixth formers and following a thorough interview process, places them with schools for a gap year or two. The organisation has seen a record number of applications this year as students defer university or travelling plans.

"Alex is making a great impact on the learners he supports," says Jill Woodyer, at Kingsway. "Peer learning certainly helps with pupil confidence - pupils appreciate getting extra support from Alex in class."

"We often see our tutors really decide or cement their future plans once they realise how much they enjoy teaching," says Anne Morris, founder of Yipiyap. "They learn so much from the classroom and gain whole new skillsets that help shape their future. We're delighted that Alex's experiences have already been so positive."


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