Year 7 settle in well

14 Sep 2020 02:07
Published by: Scott Callan

This week saw 240 students start their secondary careers at Tytherington School. Mr Botwe hosted a special breakfast to ask a group of students about their experience of secondary school so far. The meeting has traditionally taken place in the Headteacher's Office but this year it was held outside. 


Students had their first day in school on Monday. The first day was spent with their tutors finding out about their timetables, the new subjects on offer and working out the new one-way system. Isaac Collins said that he had really enjoyed his Classics lesson with Mr Yates whilst Violet Hodgkinson said that she had really enjoyed Science. All the students said that they were enjoying the transition to Tytherington School and looking forward to trying out new things. 

Headteacher, Manny Botwe, said: "I know that it has been very hard for youngsters this year, but I am delighted by how the Year 7s have settled in. They are a particularly resilient bunch. Although we have had to make a few changes to the running of the school in light of the covid-19 virus I know that the year 7 will still experience the full curriculum which will provide them with a well-rounded education for all. As I’ve said time and time again, we are in the business of developing A* people who will make a positive impact in the world. It is really important that the new Year 7 feel really comfortable. We encourage the older students to look after the younger ones to help them settle in."



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