‘Streamlined’ process for al fresco dining

30 Jul 2020 10:47
Published by: Scott Callan

A new streamlined application process has been launched in Cheshire East supporting businesses to introduce al fresco facilities.

The council says it is part of an overall approach to support high streets, town centres and the hospitality sector as part of its Covid economic recovery plan.

The application process is described as straightforward and subject to a “modest fee” of £100.

A spokesman said: “The new policy will help prospective applicants, who should familiarise themselves with the specified details before applying.

“All businesses with outdoor seating on the public highway require a licence, the council is encouraging any business already providing or seeking to provide al fresco facilities on public highways to apply for a pavement licence.

“Businesses also need to check that they have adequate public liability insurance to cover the area in question, as failure to have a licence may affect their insurance.”

Laura Crane, cabinet member for highways and waste, said: “These streamlined provisions will temporarily allow many bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants to apply for licences, to accommodate outdoor dining on public highways. This fast-tracked route is ideal compared to the lengthier, more expensive standard regulatory processes.

“The new measures will support a safe al fresco dining experience on our pavements whilst maintaining adequate space for pedestrians. It is essential to follow current government guidance and signage in your local town, being conscious of public safety to help keep us all safe.”

For more information on the application and how to apply visit: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/alfresco

Completed applications will be determined within 10 working days

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