NHS to turn 72 amid greatest challenge

1 Jul 2020 10:35
Published by: Scott Callan

Health chiefs in Cheshire are marking the 72nd anniversary of the creation of the NHS with a massive thank you to its workers.

That milestone will be reached on Sunday July 5. The NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group says it is happening as coronavirus poses the greatest test in its lifetime.

It is sending its thanks to the GPs, health and care professionals, key workers and volunteers who have supported the people of Cheshire throughout the pandemic.

It also wants to thank the people of Cheshire for the sacrifices they have made to help support the NHS and local communities.

Accountable officer Clare Watson said: “In recent months the Cheshire NHS – in partnership with local authorities and many other partners and supporters – has stepped up in ways never seen before to deliver services differently during lockdown.

“Quite simply, this could not have been achieved without the commitment, skill and flexibility of Cheshire's health and care workers.

“But the unprecedented challenge facing the NHS would also have been made all but impossible without the support of countless other people – the key workers who have kept the county going, the volunteers who have supported our most vulnerable and the people of Cheshire too, who have embraced lockdown measures to help protect the NHS.”

On Saturday evening national landmarks will be lit up blue to provide a moment of remembrance and reflection ahead of the birthday.

Then, at 5pm on Sunday there will be a nationwide “pause for applause” to applaud not only the NHS and other key workers but all those who have volunteered or helped keep services and community networks going.


Clare Watson added: “For months people stepped outside their homes every Thursday evening to clap their support for carers, key workers and the NHS.

“So, it’s only fitting that – to mark the 72nd birthday of the NHS – we now say thank you back.

“We would therefore like to take this moment to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped Cheshire's response to Covid-19. Both for the unprecedented sacrifices made so far and the continuing efforts to come.

“You helped us to help you, the community we are here to serve.”

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