Youth Parliament members champion mental health

20 May 2020 09:56
Published by: Scott Callan

The need to support young people’s mental health during the coronavirus crisis is being highlighted in Cheshire East.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the borough’s UK Youth Parliament members have spoken of the importance of key services that are available to help people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Amelia Oldroyd said: “Our generation know they face an uncertain future. I am keen to support them through their anxieties. A positive, healthy mind and encouragement will aid their success.

“A range of mental health support services dedicated to young people are available online via the council’s Covid-19 Mental Health Information Point. Many are also an active partner in the Emotionally Healthy Schools Programme.”

Ruben Barrow, who is also a member of the parliament, spoke of the need to signpost young people to the best available resources and the challenges they are facing.

He said: “Coronavirus has restricted normal life and influenced our mental health – we are missing our friends, after school activities and general freedom. Education has been disrupted and dreams of university, apprenticeship schemes and work are static.”

Councillor James Barber, Cheshire East’s champion for young people, said: “Amelia and Ruben are doing a fantastic job of shining a light on young people’s mental health during this pandemic.

“Cheshire East Children and Young People’s Trust (CYPT) is a fundamental partnership of local authority, education and health organisations that support this. Funding is allocated for the wellbeing of children as well as their parents during difficult circumstances.”

Amelia said: “The lockdown has taught me to value the little things. Such as going outside, going for meals, enjoying school life. It has made me appreciate my whole life more because you never know when it can be stripped.”

She added: “It’s ‘okay not to be okay’, and it’s okay to ask for help. There are so many people and services that can help you. You aren’t alone. Always spread positivity, always be kind. Mental health is something we can all tackle as a collective.”


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