Where do you find Recognition?

24 Mar 2020 03:36
Published by: Kian French

by Susan Leigh

Just a thought on the 'bigger picture' and how much we value our NHS & Special Services, especially during these exceptionally testing times. Yes, they're doing the most outstanding, extraordinary, selfless, life-saving jobs, working all hours, constantly putting themselves in harm’s way, desperately trying to save lives.

But let's not forget, too, the carers, teachers, farmers and many others still trying to hold it together. Not everyone will receive the same 'recognition' and that's fine. It's a good thing we do our jobs because we love them, not for the recognition, whatever that looks like! I had 2 suicidal clients last week, have couples whose relationships are potentially on the rocks, clients despairing of their futures.

Recognise the NHS staff and their exemplary efforts, but also give yourself credit for trying to hold it together. All jobs deserve recognition for a myriad of reasons; yes, helping others, but also providing money, satisfaction, routine, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Losing that can be devastating. Recognise yourself for your role in your life, in your family and in the bigger picture.

Remember the others, also doing a sterling job; the delivery staff, shop workers, cleaners, home workers, news reporters, even government officials. They may feel unappreciated by others.

Where do you find recognition? Sometimes the answer comes from pausing, reflecting on your self-worth and finding it within.  We may not receive a massive ‘thank you’ and may indeed even receive negative comments about what else we should or ought to be doing.

But when you’re able to pause and know that you’ve done all you can, are able to look at your team and say, ‘we’re in this together, we’ve made a great effort’, you can find the satisfaction and recognition from those who really matter, your inner circle.  Receiving recognition from others may be a ‘nice’ extra, the icing on the cake, but it doesn’t define your effort or worth.

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