27 Sep 2019 11:44
Published by: Scott Callan

Former National Eco School of the year Greenbank Prep is bringing the forest back to the heart of Cheadle Hulme.

The leading independent co-educational primary school which is also a Green Flag Eco School has left 200 square metres by the side of its playing fields and all-weather pitches in Heathbank Road to return to nature.

Greenbank’s Site Manager and newly appointed Forest School teacher, Nick Hart, said: “It means children from the ages of 4 to 11 can examine nature from the grass roots up and learn about the life cycle of our local flora and fauna.”

Nick, who is passionate about outdoors activities, added: “You see the excitement of a young child’s face when they see a bug or a worm and you begin to explain about their part in our local wildlife and you know they’ll have a life-long interest.”

The site has been fenced off using recycled wood from their own playing fields and surrounding trees, with a small archway built in the centre as a focal point.

Laura Bradbury, Head of Early Years at Greenbank, said: “Over the years we will see it evolve and as the children go through the school for the youngest to our Year 6 pupils, they can see at first hand all the growth, decay and seasonal change. We know there will be an ever-increasing variety of plant and animal life.”

Greenbbank won the ISA’s National Eco School of the Year in 2104 and is at the forefront of conservation, preservation and economy of resources inside and outside the classroom.


Headteacher Malcolm Johnson said: “We want to add variety to our children’s education; something that will engage and enthuse them from day one and something they can watch grow in front of their own eyes, just as they as individuals develop in front of our eyes.”

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