Queen's Platinum Jubilee Planting at King's School

14 Jan 2022 03:41
Published by: Scott Callan

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee has been marked by the planting of a mighty oak at the King's School.

The Mayor of Macclesfield, Councillor David Edwards, donated the 'Quercus Robur' to King's as part of the Queen's Green Canopy project to mark her Jubilee.

Andy McKeith, the town's Senior Ranger, said: "We chose the oak because it is the Queen's favourite tree, and she is known to enjoy a cup of tea or other tipple under one of the oaks at Buckingham Palace."

The mayor is pictured with King's Year 7 pupils Alex Spivey and Lola Bianchi, who were both born on February 6, the date her majesty acceded to the throne in 1952.

Lola, 11, summed up what the Queen means to the younger generation: "She communicates just as easily with young people like ourselves as she does with older people, and my friends and I all look up to her."

Alex, 11, added: "The Queen has an incredible history of service and is still working hard on behalf of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth." Alex added: "We have been taught that she is the most recognisable face on the planet and long may that continue."

King's Head of Foundation, Mr Jason Slack, said: "It is a pleasure, privilege and honour to be awarded this tree. The oak represents honour, stability and security qualities the Queen has demonstrated across her 70 years, and they are certainly values to which King's aspires."

The mayor, who is also planting trees outside Macclesfield Hospital to thank NHS staff and at the Rowans Care Home to remember those lost in the pandemic, said: "The Queen is an incredible lady who has performed so wonderfully on behalf of the country for so many years. She is simply exemplary."

The sapling has been planted on a line with other mature oaks at King's new campus on Prestbury Road, adjacent to the public right of way at the side of the school grounds so the general public can also enjoy its slow and steady growth over the next 200 years.

Another 12 schools in the town have also received their own commemorative trees as part of this nationwide campaign, while the mayor is funding a wider scheme to replace lost trees across his Tytherington borough.

The Queen, the longest-serving British monarch in history, will have reigned for 70 years come February 6. The monarch joins an extremely exclusive club also achieved by Louis XIV of France, Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein, and, most recently King Bhumibol of Thailand.

She is a first in UK royal history, with the occasion due to be celebrated over a four-day weekend in June. The festivities will include a service of thanksgiving and a colourful spectacle of a Jubilee Pageant.

Throughout her reign, The Queen has planted more than 1,500 trees all over the world and has spoken alongside Sir David Attenborough of the importance of trees in the Earth's future.

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