Building for the future

13 Jan 2022 10:23
Published by: Scott Callan

AFFORDABLE housing, accommodation for the elderly and climate change are among the key features of the final draft of Cheshire East's housing supplementary planning document.

Following a call from comments from the public and interested parties, the next step will be for the document to be adopted by the local authority.

It provides more guidance on three policies within the Local Plan Strategy, which sets out the overall vision and planning framework for development in the borough.

The policies refer to the 'residential mix' of developments. These are intended to ensure supported housing and accommodation for the elderly is available and that there continues to be the right provision for affordable homes, including in rural areas.

Climate change should also be considered when submitting a planning application, says the planning guide. Design, layout, low greenhouse gas emissions and strong energy ratings should all figure prominently in any new scheme.

Mick Warren, Cheshire East Council's chair of environment and communities, said: "By providing clear guidance up front about our policy expectations, we wish to support developers and property owners when making relevant planning applications, as well as support the council in determining these applications."

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