More than a stroll in the park

13 Oct 2021 02:39
Published by: Scott Callan

ARE you a social stroller or an escapist? Research has revealed the benefits people get from walking their dog.

Eight out of ten dog owners say they take their pet out for a stroll just to get some peace and quiet.

As well as exercising their pooch, 71 per cent believe this space is a vital de-stressing tool in the hustle and bustle of life, while time spent with mans' best friend gives more than three quarters of owners valuable thinking time.

The study discovered that one in five dog owners have made a major life decision while out on a walk - using the time to mull over a problem or dilemma.

And that includes more than one in four who have decided to end a relationship while exercising their pet.

Others have made the decision to move home, change jobs, start their own business or even try for a baby.

Not getting out on the walk can make owners guilty, irritable and even sad, according the research.

The study was carried out amongst 2,000 dog owners. It also found the average dog owner heads out on eight walks with their pet a week, and with each one lasting around 30 minutes - so that comes to four hours of thinking time per week.

Most of the owners quizzed also spoke of the benefits of exercise while six in 10 enjoy the chance to have quality time with their canine companion.

A quarter of owners use it as an opportunity to go for a stroll with their partner while, 13 per cent take their children along.

As a result, 35 per cent say walking together has bought them more laughter and enjoyment, while 15 per cent say it has made them more trusting. Others say they are now more honest with each other and also more supportive.

So it's little wonder that walking the dog isn't seen as a chore, with 97 per cent of owners generally enjoying the task and with more than a quarter disappointed if they don't get the chance to go out as planned.

Gemma added: "It is also clear there are several kinds of dog walkers who find different purpose and meaning in their daily walks.

"Whether it is to spend more time together with the family, get more exercise or simply find some peace and quiet, the walk can bring a wide range of benefits."

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