Come Wind, Rain or Shine The fence system taking the UK by STORM!

11 Aug 2021 11:06
Published by: Scott Callan

Once in a life time storms seem to occur almost every year now. Heavy rain and destructive winds can cause havoc all around you, but when the weather is doing its worst - let your fence be one thing you don’t have to worry about.
Colourfence is scientifically tested and cyclonically rated to ensure when professionally installed it can withstand wind gusts of up to 130mph. Once it’s up - it stays up and is guaranteed to look good throughout the year.
Safe, extra secure and hassle free - you will never need to paint it, treat it or patch it. An occasional hose down will be all you need to do to keep it in top condition for years to come.
In fact the system is so durable that Colourfence will guarantee their panels to last at least 25 years. Available in a range of colours to suit any garden, with or without decorative trellis, the highly skilled installation team make short work of their dramatic transformations. Your sad old fence will be effi ciently cleared and replaced, leaving you to get back to enjoying
your rejuvenated garden.
Pricing is just as straightforward and equally attractive. Starting costs are in line with inferior timber systems but offer the ongoing peace of mind that your investment will continue to save time and money year after year.
For those of us who love our gardens, Colourfence promise a lifetime of hasslefree enjoyment.
A durable system that does exactly what it should.
For more information and to arrange a FREE no obligation site visit simply call one of their helpful team on 01625 352001.
Install a Colourfence and your fencing worries are behind you, whatever the weather!

The essential facts you need to know about fencing now in one handy guide. Discover how the latest fences have transformed gardens and put an end to costly maintenance.
Dial 01625 352001 today to learn more about Colourfence & receive this brand new guide for - FREE!

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