A Symbol of Hope… The Big Beech Hall Rainbow

10 Aug 2020 12:01
Published by: Scott Callan

Members of the Beech Hall School community have joined together to create a colourful sign of hope and gratitude for the NHS in the current coronavirus crisis, the Big Beech Hall Rainbow.

Inspired by British artist Damien Hirst, and his ‘Butterfly Rainbow Creation', current and past pupils, alongside their families, teachers and even pets, donned one of the seven colours of the rainbow and captured individual images of themselves at home.

Each of the images were creatively formed together to depict the natural phenomenon, with the final masterpiece taking pride of place in the grand entrance of the Tytherington-based school.

Headmaster at Beech Hall School, James Allen, commented: "Following the launch of the ‘Beech Hall Rainbow' in our virtual assembly, we were inundated with a vast array of wonderful, bright photographs. It is inspiring to witness the great effort from our school community, who are continuing to work together and support one another during this time."

Beech Hall School is a non-selective independent school for children aged from six months to 16 years old. It is situated in a stunning 16-acre site with two listed buildings, playing fields and a swimming pool.

Part of the Riverston Group, Beech Hall is committed to providing a child-centred education which focuses on every individual child's strength and gives each one the opportunity to achieve a wide variety of academic, sporting and extra-curricular goals.

Bespoke, quality teaching is at the heart of Beech Hall's core values and the recent renovation has made the personalised learning approach all the more achievable.


To find out more about Beech Hall visit www.beechhallschool.org.


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