North West Business Partners on Mission to share their Expertise

27 Jan 2020 09:59
Published by: Kian French

A North West based entrepreneur who's worked as a HR Director for organisations globally is excited to launch her second business, which she has created alongside her business partner, to support peers in her industry, having recognised the need for more collaboration and collective personal development within the HR and Coaching fields, and has a vision to turn this into the largest support network of its kind in the UK.

Using her 15+ years' experience in HR, Krystyna Petersen, currently based in Cheshire, has developed a new, unique community for people working in HR, Coaching and Training, filling the gaping hole that currently exists for professionals getting everything they need in one place and providing a learning platform for professionals to develop. Committed to also giving back to the wider community at the same time, the club also has a big focus on charity fundraising to further increase its impact.

Launching a service that she wishes existed during the early days in her career, FCIPD Krystyna Petersen, aged 39 is set to launch MyPeopleClub ( with her business partner, James Perryman in early 2020. An online learning platform and community, the mission of MyPeopleClub is to build a strong resource centre, community and support network for those in the industry along with masterclasses with external experts to provide knowledge and support across a wide variety of subjects.

Born out of frustration when Krystyna started out in HR and didn't have a HR Manager or Director above her, so had to find things out for herself and research best practice, she reflected that she didn't really have anyone to bounce ideas off or ask questions to - there was no one place you could get everything you need - and the creation of MyPeopleClub comes from the realisation that these challenges still exist today. Although there will be a large resource centre as part of the community, it is the hope of Krystyna and James that members will support, encourage and help each other which will encourage the growth of the largest support network in the UK.

Along with James, the other Co-Founder of the business, their mission is to build a strong community and support network for others in the industry - a place where members will not only have access to template documents, policies, coaching/training modules, (and much, much more), but will also have access to experts and businesses across a great variety of fields in order to help and support them with all the things they need to succeed!

In addition, members will also have access to monthly masterclasses, live Q&A's, and interviews. Krystyna and James are so proud and excited to be spearheading this new and vibrant community, and even more so as charity work will play a large part of this new business with a portion of membership subscriptions going straight to charity. Giving back is so important and as charity has played a huge part in both Krystyna and James' pasts, they feel strongly about supporting the wider community with fundraising initiatives as part of this new venture.

The first charity will be Child Bereavement UK, a charity that supports children who have lost a parent, something close to James' heart, having lost both of his parents. Each year, a different charity or charities will be chosen to support and along with membership money being donated to the chosen charity, there will be a number of additional ways the business will be looking to support and raise funds for the charity.

Growing this network, Krystyna and James also hope to then use its power to support charities, as charity has always played a massive part in both Krystyna and James' pasts therefore , part of each person's monthly membership will be donated to charity and there will be other opportunities to work with and to donate to charity along the way.

Not only will this have a hugely positive impact to those charities we can support, but will help us to create the right tone, culture and environment for our members to thrive.

A successful HR Director, Krystyna has always been a high achiever, but after suffering burn out while working as the only female UK Director for a large Global organisation, Krystyna opened her own HR Consultancy, Inspire Excellence. Through running this business Krystyna realised she wanted to be able to support not just clients but also others in her field, so MyPeopleClub was born.

She said: "After spending years working my way up to the HR ladder to become a HR Director, when I got there, I realised I wasn't as fulfilled as I thought I was going to be. In creating my own consultancy, I established that I love working with a variety of companies and people to help them achieve success and over time, realised I wanted to do this on a much larger scale to reach and help as many people as I could."

MyPeopleClub is due to launch at the beginning of March 2020 but in the meantime you can get involved by registering your interest to become a founding member via the website ( and by joining the Facebook Group which has already launched

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