Green group leads the way

12 Aug 2019 11:21
Published by: Kian French

THE Macctastic Eco Network continues to lead the way locally in promoting single-use plastic reduction and improved environmental sustainability in Macclesfield.

Its initiatives include working with several local cafes on the '' initiative - where cafes offer free water bottles refills, without obligation to buy anything.

The group also has an innovative mug library, where locals can 'loan' a china mug from the group at the regular Treacle Market, returning it later in the day, in an effort to reduce single-use plastic cup use in Macclesfield.

The scheme has proved very popular since it was launched earlier this year, with more than 200 mugs available to loan for local events.

The group is working hard to promote greater local awareness of the changes people can make in their day-to-day life to reduce their carbon footprint, with practical information available on its website and social media pages.

Its EcoYouth group has participated in the 'FridaysforFuture' movement, and the network has joined up with other local sustainability groups to form the Cheshire East Climate Alliance to provide support for local carbon reduction initiatives.

The group was formerly known as 'Macc-tastic, Less Plastic!' but changed its name recently to reflect its wider environmental and sustainability aims.

Anyone interested in getting involved further with the group's work can contact it through its website at:

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