Pet detectives aid in the return of Darcy the cat

11 Jul 2019 10:03
Published by: Kian French

Darcy, a beautiful ginger and cream cat went missing from his home on the 6th of May 2019. His owners were away enjoying their honeymoon at the time of his disappearance. A family friend went over to feed and check on Darcy but noticed his absence from the house and the fact it was very unusual for his food to be left untouched. It is suspected that a local cat bullied Darcy, who is timid by nature, out of his house and home. As soon as Darcy's owners Anthony and Karly Brown came home from their honeymoon the search began.

Local missing pet Facebook pages turned up nothing and searches for Darcy in the local area were sadly unsuccessful. Anthony decided to call in a team of experts, Animal Search UK. The team of pet detectives, led by former police officer Tom Watkins, who has over 20 years of investigation experience are often requested to carry out door to door enquiries or can assist with posters, leaflets, advice and experts support for owners. The service operates a 24-hour Freephone number for members of the public to call with anonymous information (if necessary) or straightforward sightings of the missing pet.

The business launched in 1999 years ago, and now has as many as 2000 visitors a day to its free website, scanning the lost and found databases in the hope of being reunited with their missing pets.

Anthony and Karly opted to receive the posters and leaflets to help their search for their beloved Darcy. And help it did, after hours of leafletting and putting posters up, a woman recognised Darcy, as the timid cat she had thought a stray, as the cat she had been feeding in her garden for the past few weeks. She called the freephone number and got through to Anthony and Karly. Shortly after the phone call Anthony, Karly and Darcy were reunited! Although a little skinnier, Darcy was no worse for wear. And has now settled back into family life.

If needed for more information, Anthony the owner of Darcy can be reached on: 07759 579182.

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