Anna Wins Altrincham's Rant off Writing Competition

14 Jun 2019 02:14
Published by: Kian French

Teenage writer Anna Martin put the world to rights with her heartfelt plea for people to show the courage of their convictions to win the Altrincham Word Fest's "Rant Off" competition.

Joined by scores of young writers from schools across Trafford, the Loreto Grammar School pupil got on her soap box in the Years 7 to 11 section to decry people's chronic lack of ambition.

In front of many of the Borough's most notable scribes in the Council Chamber at Altrincham Town Hall, Anna showed her militant tendency with gusto, flair and even a little anger to leave the audience breathless.

In a competition designed to motivate the Borough's young people, writer Anna used a series of headline sound-bites which called for everyone to keep the faith.

She asked of her audience: "Why don't you pursue your dreams? You are discouraged by your failures. You aren't consistent. You give into fear. You aren't accountable. You lack motivation. You feel unworthy of success."

Then she extolled the alternative view: "You should learn from your mistakes. You should be dedicated. You should start now. You should make time for them. You should reward yourself. You should start simple. You should be passionate."

"Take inspiration from people like Albert Einstein, who didn't speak until he was four and read until the age of seven and went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Physics. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime, but continued painting and now they have made millions."

Anna, 15, from Lymm, who is taking 11 GCSEs next summer said her own ambition was simply to be happy and she would achieve that 'by working to achieve all of my potential."

Loreto English Teacher Louisa Reid, who is a published author, with her books 'Black Heart Blue' and 'Lies Like Love' aimed at the young adult market, said: "Anna does what any writer aims to do. She expresses herself in a way that taps into other people consciousness with a series of big ideas which have significance for all of us."

Anna won £20 which she said she would save but added "the thrill of winning means so much more."

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