Grabba a Grandparent Day at Greenbank

11 Jun 2019 01:36
Published by: Kian French

Mamma Mia Greenbank Preparatory School pupils put on a concert of Abba classics for their Grabba a Grandparent Day.

Every year the top independent primary school in Cheadle Hulme celebrates the older generation with a special concert for all the nannas and grandads.

This year they reprised the Abba move with song including Take a Chance on Me, Thank You For The Music and the obligatory Mamma Mia.

The event allows the seniors to see just how much education has changed. Jean Costello, nanna to Charlotte Dicks, remembered the bad old days. "My primary school in Hollywood Stockport was far too strict, the teachers used to throw board dusters at me, and my mum went in time and time again to complain. I hated it but today, Greenbank it is totally different. The children are valued and cherished not frightened."

'Nanna' Jean and her husband Raymond 'pops' Costello sent their son and daughter to Greenbank and now both their grandchildren have gone to the same school.

Granddaughter Charlotte, 7, explained why it was a special day for the children as well. "I love my nanna and pops. They are very special to me and love me so much. I am proud of my work and I really enjoyed showing them what we do at school."

Greenbank Headmistress Janet Lowe said: "Grandparents play such an important role in a child's education with their love, wisdom and support and all the children just love to say thank you."

Raymond and Jean are pictured with granddaughter Charlotte.

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