Cheshire Freemasons support research into Arthritis in Children

10 Jun 2019 02:56
Published by: Kian French

A delegation of Cheshire Freemasons recently visited the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt District Hospital to see the new fluorescent microscope which had been purchased thanks to a donation of £4,768.00 from the Masons. Senior Freemason Simon Richardson, pictured here with the new piece of equipment, said how pleased he was that the money had been put to such good use and wanted to thank members from across Cheshire for their support and generosity. Simon went on to praise the incredible work carried out.

Dr Katrina Wright, Mr Jing Song Wang (a PhD student who is benefitting from the Microscope), were on hand to thank the Masons and explained how it will be used for research into the causes and prevention of Arthritis developing in young people and children. Patients travel to the specialist centre from all over Cheshire and it is thanks to the Doctors and Staff at the research centre that so many lives have been changed in such a positive way.

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