Macclesfield Eye Society and Macclesfield Castle Inner Wheel

8 May 2019 02:13
Published by: Kian French

245 Rotary Shoe Boxes were delivered to the International Aid Trust by The Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle who wish to express thanks to the mums and children from Bollington Praise and Play Group, and, RiCH group, Macclesfield Eye Society and the Ladies of Macclesfield Castle Inner Wheel for their generosity in filling the boxes.

The boxes will be sent via The International Aid Trust to Eastern Europe for those in need in Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, and Kosovo.

This latest delivery brings the total number of boxes delivered from this Rotary Club to over 1245 with contributions from Hurdsfield Primary School, Kettleshulme Primary School, Macclesfield Academy, Calvary Church, Belong Charity, individual Macclesfield residents and the Rotary Club.

President Carole Murphy said: "This is a tremendous effort from so many local groups. The Rotary Club is delighted to partner with these local groups to collect the Shoeboxes to send to people in countries where these items are much needed."


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