2 Apr 2019 12:54
Published by: Daniel Almond

The King’s School’s Former Pupils’ Association enjoyed a record turnout for their annual dinner as former pupils enjoyed a trip down memory lane and visited their former haunts.


In what was the final Alumni Gala Dinner before the school moves to its the new £60 million campus two miles away in Prestbury in September 2020, there was a record turnout from those that wanted to look around their former classrooms, as well as browse through the archives ahead of a fabulous three-course meal.

President of the Former Pupils’ Association Barry Jones, 85, said: “We all still feel part of this place and are eternally grateful for the wonderful start in life we had in these buildings. From a commercial and educational stand point, the move to a state-of-the art new campus is absolutely the right thing to do. I know the current and future pupils will form as great an association for their new school as we did for this place.”

“I came here from 1944 to 1951 and it set me up for life, allowing me to pursue a life-long career in accountancy in Macclesfield which I loved. My son also came here and we both have great affection for King’s.”

 Chair of the Former Pupils’ Association David Barratt said: “We now have over 4,500 members and numbers are growing all the time. Tonight’s event is a wonderful celebration of the school and its extended community. As well as being a pupil, I sent my three children here and for me King’s turns out rounded individuals. Confident, but not over confident, with something to give and some get up and go. Like me, my kids, who are now in their twenties, all have formed life-long friends from their days at school and they are all great people.”

Many attendees had travelled from across the country for the event, with one, David Fox, coming from California. Former rugby player and athlete John Hughes added: “Looking back, the commitment of the staff was extraordinary. In my year we got to the finals of the English Schools’ Athletics Cup and the staff had to train us and then ferry us all over the country, which I have to admit, I thought little of at the time, but now really appreciate.”

 Former Head of the Sixth Form Tim Andrews said: “Of all the schools I worked in around the country, what really sets King’s apart is the incredible warmth former pupils maintain for this school.”

 The event raised £3,000 for the school’s Bursary Fund, which provides assistance with fees for local children whose family’s financial circumstances may otherwise mean that they would be unable to attend the school. The event was sponsored by VINCI Construction and supported by the Porsche Centre in Wilmslow.




1, Simon Briggs, Mark Wheelton, John Green and Mark Capelle.

2, Julian Jones and John Hughes.

3, Derek Brooks

4, Mike Hope Rick Connor

5, David Barratt, Andrew Fethers and Rob Thorneycroft.

6, Tim Cooper, Mike Ashton, Paul Belfield, Steve Bell and Ian Golan.

7, Chris Warrington and Peter Church

8, Colin and Hazel Lawrence Waterhouse with Kate and Michael Ashworth.

9, Jon Burdekin, Nigel Bayley and Mark Collinson.

10, Gary Harcombe, Martin Conway, Nick Broughton, Jason Badcock and David Fox.

11 / 12 Martin Allmand Smith is comfortable in a Strastone Porsche Boxster.

13, Chris Weaver and Paul Findlow

14, George and Julia Leighton try out a Porsche

15, David Pettener and Rob Fox

16, Lauren Tidey, Mervyn Greenhalgh and Caroline Johnson.

17, Former Headmaster Stephen Coyne and wife Judith.

18, Andy James, Gavin Renfrew, Myles Mason and Ben Jordan


19, Claire Houlden, Chris Labrey and Louise Stockdale.

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