2 Apr 2019 09:14
Published by: Daniel Almond

Waste not want not was the message from Loreto Preparatory School’s fundraising fashion show.



Every girl in the school donned outfits refashioned from old clothes and charity shop rejects for a dazzling display on the catwalk.


With a little help from their mums, the girls paraded down the catwalk with great gusto to packed audiences in morning and evening shows.


Organised by mums Martha Currie and Marie Charnley, the event raised funds for the Loreto Parents Association. 


Martha said: “It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm, creativity and imagination the girls used to create these fantastic ethical outfits.”


Co-organiser Marie said: “We all loved watching our young ones waltz down the catwalk with such confidence and style and to see how much they enjoyed the event.’


Loreto Preparatory School Headteacher Anne Roberts said: “After such an enjoyable and creative event, we want to make this the first of what will be an annual fashion show and such is the girls enthusiasm that they are already planning for next year.’



1, Rosa Garvin, mum Suzanne Edmondson, Honor Charnley and Caitlyn Edmondson.  Have changed order of names


2, Iris Currie, Maddie Nilson, Clementine Quinton Barber and Nancy George.


3, Autumn Meadowcroft, Maria Cassidy and Keya Mirwani 



4 Nanako Ogi and Darcie Meyrick.

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