TEDxMacclesfield to offer Webcast Lounge

1 Apr 2019 10:59
Published by: Daniel Almond


With all tickets for TEDxMacclesfield 2019 now sold, the team has revealed plans to extend the reach by hosting a webcast lounge at Macclesfield Library. This event will see an additional 100 tickets made available where attendees will get to watch the event streamed live from Townley Street on Saturday May 4 2019.  Tickets are free but reservations are essential.


Explaining the new addition organiser Lynne Jones commented – ‘as with last year’s event, tickets sold out very quickly and in a bid to extend our reach we’ve teamed up with Macclesfield Library to offer additional capacity.’ Attendees at the library will see the talks and entertainment live-streamed and benefit from the same opportunities to connect and start conversations sparked by the ‘ideas worth sharing’. An invitation to join the speakers following the event is also included.


Tickets for the webcast lounge are available now from



Organisers have also revealed the next two speakers in the line up:


After a career in media and marketing including youth magazines, Shelley Metcalfe co-founded The Digital Life Skills Company a social enterprise that teaches children and young people digital information literacy skills, equipping them to access reliable information and avoid misleading media online. Shelley will talk about truth and ethics in a digital age.

Real bread champion Paul Robinshaw runs Flour Water Salt, a bakery and café in Macclesfield making award-winning bread and pastries. Paul studied Applied Statistics and followed a high-level career path in computer programming before converting his cellar to bake sourdough. Ten years later he’s given up IT and about to embark on a crowd-funded expansion to the café.  Paul will reflect on authenticity in a world of artifice.


Two speakers are still to be announced.


All talks from TEDxMacclesfield 2019 will be available online in June. Talks from last year's event are available to watch now via www.tedxmaclesfield.com.


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