World Book Day at Loreto Grammar

11 Mar 2019 12:03
Published by: Kian French

The great, the good and the downright ghastly of children’s literature adorned Loreto Grammar School World Book Day celebrations.

The Year Seven girls at the leading Catholic grammar school in Altrincham together with their teachers treated the rest of the school to a fancy-dress parade featuring their favourite literary characters.

Key Stage Three English Coordinator Helen McKay said: “It’s a chance for the girls and staff to talk about that they enjoy reading and inspire others to read those books as well. It’s joyful celebration of what is one of life’s great pleasures.”

Mrs McKay added: “Literature connects us to other eras from history and shows that for all our technological advances we are still very much the same as we have always been.”

Mrs McKay is pictured with Peace Ubadike, as the Queens of Hearts, Niamh Fox-Fitzgerald as Violet Beauregard and Emily Robinson as the Mad Hatter.

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