4 Mar 2019 11:38
Published by: Daniel Almond

The Pop Project thrilled Loreto Preparatory School pupils with a concert of pop classics from the Fifties to the present day.

The foot tapping threesome, are all former teachers, who formed their own band 10 years ago on retirement.

From Little Richard to Elvis and the Archies, Bob Marley to Justin Timblerlake and Jessie J, the girls knew every song and were and cutting some shapes with their teachers on the dance floor throughout the 90-minute concert.

In between songs the trio talked to the girls about their must-read books and how to go about learning to play an instrument and the lifelong pleasure music and literature provide.

Leader of the pack Graham Skelland said: “We use the music as a vehicle to talk to an engaged audience about key educational issues such as reading, a social conscience and health and well-being.”

He added: “We get the same reaction everywhere we go of sheer and total joy. The children, even the younger ones, know every tune instantly and if you start a Beatles riff or an Elvis melody they can sing along from the start.

“They used to say our mums and dads play that music, now they say it’s their grans and granddads,” he added 

Loreto Preparatory School Headteacher Anne Roberts said: “We hope The Pop Project will inspire our children to play their instruments, learn to sing and also read their books.”


Pictured with the Pop Project of Graham Skelland, Carol Hill and Henry Hutchings are some of Loreto Prep’s movers and shakers. Honor Charnley, Wendy Du and Aine Pegler

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