Beware the Pitfalls of Working from Home

21 Jul 2020 10:23
Published by: Scott Callan

By Susan Leigh

Cheshire counsellor & hypnotherapist

Working from home can seem like a perfect scenario for employers, employees and sole traders, minimising overheads and providing the flexibility to work when busy and do other things when not.

Post-COVID-19 some staff may be apprehensive about returning to work or having enough to sustain them full-time. Home working can help them regain their confidence. Sole-traders may have cut back and need to start again, with working from home an important first step.

There are considerations to this;

- Logistics may need investigation, including space, kit, software, internet capacity, data security and training requirements. What about PPE or safety equipment?

- Meetings, networking and team building are often essential in business. Could co-working space or a hotel be hired when required?

- Working from home offers flexibility with children and errands, though they can become an increasing distraction. Set clear times for working, for dealing with social media, phone calls, networking, problem-solving and building relationships.

- Many home-workers struggle with clocking-off, often tempted to continue until they’re finished, have logged enough hours or have concerns at missing out (FOMO).

- Avoid being tempted to flit between several jobs. Try to focus on each in turn. Lists can help.

- Working from home can increase feelings of isolation and apprehension at meeting others, especially if personal tragedy’s been experienced. Arranging meetings or seminars may need to be handled sensitively.

- And how to dress? It’s fine to wear casual clothes, occasionally freshening up the top, visible part for a zoom or skype call. But sometimes dressing smartly helps convey a suitably businesslike impression.

Working from home requires personal discipline, self-care and diary management. Balance stress, exercise, eat well and schedule in fun. Yes, chores, the gym, parents' events, occasional lunches or golf are fine but remember to invest in the success of your business too.


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