When You Need to Take a Break

6 Jul 2020 11:33
Published by: Scott Callan

By Susan Leigh

Counsellor & Hypnotherapist


These past few months have been an exhausting, emotionally draining time and after a busy, stressful day it’s tempting to flop into an armchair with a drink and the remote control. This might be fine occasionally, but done long-term can result in you feeling lethargic and flat.

Instead, try some positive suggestions;

- Eat lunch in a local beauty spot, rather than quickly at your desk or in the car. Everyone benefits when you intermittently step back.   

- Ensure there’s regular personal space for outdoor exercise, a walk or run. Listen to music, podcasts or instead enjoy silence, clear your thoughts and engage fully in your activity.

- Stay hydrated. Feeling tired and irritable may be due to too much coffee or too little water. Drink more water and clear out toxins; your fluid levels soon readjust.

- Book a zoom call with friends and have a ‘party’, dancing, being energetic, reconnecting and having fun.

- Make time early evening for a good book, perhaps whilst dinner’s cooking.

- Be creative. Many people have been enthusiastically baking, creating wonderful aromas in their homes. Even if your efforts are inedible it can still be therapeutic!     

- Spend time in nature, in your garden, tending the plants, maybe growing herbs or vegetables.

- Enjoy family downtime, going for walks, kicking a ball about. Or play board games, crafts, invent indoors games.

- Benefit from an indulgent bath. Candles, bubbles, relaxing music and a thirty-minute soak could be a great way to relax and feel thoroughly cleansed and chilled after a stressful day. Warm towels create the full spa experience.

- Practise daily gratitude. Appreciate what you have, improve your perspective and give yourself a break from tense situations.  

All these suggestions come free. Take a break, recharge your batteries and better manage your stress.


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