13 Feb 2020 03:46
Published by: Scott Callan

A pride of lions will adorn the new King’s School thanks to the young willow sculptors of their Junior Division.

The willow woven sculptures were part of King’s Infant and Junior Division Well Being Week, which aimed to reach the part of a child’s psyche normal classes cannot access.

Among many topics, the innovative enrichment exercise saw experts give master classes on first aid, laughing yoga, healthy diet, the mental approach to happiness and willow weaving courtesy of former pupil and renowned Northern sculptor Juliette Hamilton.

Juliette, who sources her willow from the Somerset levels, built a frame for the main male lion taken from the King’s School’s 500-year-old badge, and then supervised as pupils wove round the structure to build their own lion sculpture.

Juliette said: “It’s an incredibly therapeutic exercise in which the children relax, focus and concentrate and have the satisfaction of creating something tangible and lasting.”

As well as the male lion, Juliette will build a female partner and two cubs to make a pride of lions that will sit near the new junior department on the Alderley Road campus when it opens in September.

Erica Merriman PSHE Lead at King’s Junior Division who organised the week, said: “The health and well-being of our pupils is paramount at King’s and we very much believe in value of a healthy mind and healthy body.

“That’s why we planned so many different classes and themes to give the children practical lifestyle advice allied to the mental tools to aid relaxation and tranquillity.”

Erica added: “Juliette tells us the lion sculptures will last an average of five years, but that’s no worry. It’s simple when they are getting tired we will ask another generation of pupils to build something new to leave their mark.”


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