Cheshire Independent Issue 144

23 FEBRUARY / MARCH 2020 Visit our website: THE classic comedy crime caper Bugsy Malone entertained audiences over four splurge-filled nights at The King’s School in Macclesfield. Set in depression-hit, prohibition America, the feel-good gangster spoof was chosen, as director Donald Forbes said: “Simply because it is so much fun. There are great parts, great tunes and lots and lots of splurge.” The plot revolves around the increas- ingly pantomimic efforts of two gangs to gain control of the splurge guns with sweethearts Bugsy Malone and Blousey Brown increasingly mixed up in the pandemonium. At the heart of the action was Bugsy, played with a Cary Grant like glint by Josh Cheshire. Blousey Brown was played with style, elegance and charm by Amelia Phillpotts. Wise-cracking Tallulah was played by Daisy Holden and Olly Moss took on the part of lovable Fat Sam. The production was six months in the planning and three months in rehearsals. A MIDSUMMER Night’s Dream transported packed audiences to a magical forest of unrequited and rediscovered love at LoretoPreparatory School. Shakespeare’s comic fairy tale was produced by the Manchester Arts Education Initiative with fab- ulous full costume, make up, scenery, music and lighting to enable theYear 6 girls to realise their full dramatic potential. MAEI director Peter Wilkinson said: “Arts educa- tion provides challenges for learners at all levels. It develops their critical thinking and creativitywhilst they learn how to work with others for a common goal.These are essential skills for the 21st century. “Shakespeare in much more accessible than people think for children, especially if it is care- fully adapted. MAEI produce Shakespeare in partnership with Loreto’s own teaching staff. Headteacher Anne Roberts said: “The Shakespeare play is always a highlight inour calendar.” Bugsy is a sell-out success PICTURE SPECIAL Dream comes to life