Cheshire Independent Issue 144

FEBRUARY / MARCH 2020 10 Follow us on Facebook: Cheshire Independent DON’T get caught out this year. Put the date in your diary. Moth- er’s Day will fall on Sunday March 22. Unlike other special days this cele- bration falls on different dates every year. And that has led to more than one person dashing to the petrol station at the last-minute for a card and flowers. What’s more confusing, other coun- tries hold their ‘Mothering Sunday’ at different times of the year. But whatever the date, one thing never changes and that is that this is the day to celebrate mothers – and to thank them for all they do for us. The origins of this special day can actually be traced all the way back to ancient Greece and an annual spring festival dedicated to mater- nal goddesses. The Romans also celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria which was for a mother goddess called Cybele. In the Middle Ages Mothering Sun- day was the day when children who had left their families to work in domestic service were allowed to go back to their home church – or ‘mother church’ as it was known. It grew into a spring occa- sion for family reunions and children would pick flowers on their way home to give to their mothers. Today flowers remain a classic Moth- er’s Day gift, along with making break- fast in bed and arranging Sunday lunch out with all the family. Today’s modern Mother’s Day is cele- brated across the globe, though not on the same day. In the USA and much of the world it will be held on May 10 this year. The modern celebration owes much of its origins to this American festival which has no religious links. The American day was created in 1907 by Anna Jarvis, who held a memo- rial for her mother Ann Jarvis. She was a peace activist who treated wounded soldiers in the Civil War. Her daughter campaigned for a day to honour the role played by mothers. It was an idea that became so popular that by 1911 all US states took on the Mum’s the word 40 Park Green, Macclesfield SK11 7NE Telephone 01625 502017 Website Paprika INDIAN DINING NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR MOTHER’S DAY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RELAXING, FAMILY EVENING AND TOP QUALITY SERVICE, ENJOY EXCELLENT CUISINE AND GREAT VALUE, BOOK YOUR MOTHER’S DAY DINNER WITH US. HAPPY HOUR - TUESDAY TO THURSDAY £10.90 ADULTS - £6.90 CHILDREN holiday. And in 1914, President Wood- row Wilson declared Mother’s Day a national holiday. Whatever the history or the date, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to tell your mother and all the maternal women in our lives just how much they mean to us. In the UK more than 30 per cent of us say mum is the most inspirational person in our lives. So put the date in your diary now! Deliveries available this Mothers Day Sunday 22nd March View our Collection and 24 hour ON LINE ORDERING AT Telephone 01625 433 911 Call in - 92 Mill Street, Macclesfield SK11 6NR